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Dear Healthcare Professional, Don’t Take It Personal

Being a healthcare provider means it’s highly likely that the people we take care of on a daily basis are sick. Whether you’re a pharmacist (like me), nurse, physician, or physical therapist, you’re likely in the same boat. In addition to dealing with patients, if you’re at a large institution like at a hospital, you’re likely working amongst other healthcare providers as well. And these healthcare providers are each dealing with their own patients.

Why am I pointing this out? Pretty obvious right?

What I’m hoping you’re starting to realize here is that when you work in healthcare, everyone you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis likely has something going on. Your patient picking up their metformin prescription may have just received the news of a new diagnosis of diabetes. Your attending may have just had to deliver some terrible news to one of their patient’s family. Point is, everyone’s got something going on, and sometimes they’re in a rough place. So the next time you have a problematic patient, or a colleague that seems like he/she is acting like a jerk, don’t take it personal. Yes, sometimes that person just sucks, I get it. But try to think about what theymay be going through. Their interaction with you may have nothing to do with you, but it may have been something that affected them six hours ago. I always try to keep this in mind and it’s really helped me cope with the times I have rough interactions with other people at work. Hopefully it could do the same for you.

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