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Tell Me About Yourself…

This has to be one of the most underutilized interview/networking question ever. It’s that question we’re always prepared for, that moment we deploy our over practiced elevator pitch.

I want to help people realize that when we’re asked “tell me about yourself,” we are not taking full advantage of this opportunity. This question can give you the ability to connect and develop a relationship with an individual who can either directly provide you with a life changing career opportunity or connect you with someone who can.

Don’t Sell, Connect

People often see this as a great way to sell themselves. People see it as an important opportunity to show all the leadership experience they have and who they’ve worked with. But there is a much better way to make the most of answering this question. And that’s by creating a true unrelated connection.

Unrelated connection? Yes. Whether you're in finance or pharmacy, if someone asks you this question, try connecting on something not related to finance or pharmacy, respectively. It’ll be a great way to make yourself memorable.

How? Easy.

I am not saying to redo your entire elevator pitch, but next time you’re preparing to deploy it, try ending it with a random unrelated hobby or fact about yourself. I guarantee you, it will help you make a more influential connection, a connection that will get you results.

For example, I love to snowboard. I’ve visited a different mountain every winter for the past 10 years. So every time someone asks me, “Tell my about yourself” after my usual, I went to school here, and worked there, and mentored so and so, I always end with my love for snowboarding. And one of two things usually happens. Either 1) that person has gone skiing/snowboarding before and will then proceed to share their own experience; or 2) they’ll talk about how they’ve always thought about going but never actually went, which will then lead to more questions about how hard it is and should they ski or snowboard first, etc.

So, start taking more advantage of this question and start building better relationships with people. But before you go. Quick question. Have you ever gone snowboarding?

Thanks for reading.

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